Grease Compatibility Chart

Aluminium Complex Barium Complex Calcium Calcium Sulfonate Complex Clay (Bentonite) Lithium Lithium Complex Polyurea Sodium
Aluminium Complex Y N N N N N N N N
Barium Complex N Y N N N N N N N
Calcium N N Y M N Y M M N
Calcium Sulfonate Complex N N M Y N M M M N
Clay (Bentonite) N N N N Y N N N N
Lithium N N Y M N Y Y M N
Lithium Complex N N M M N Y Y M N
Polyurea N N M M N M M X N
Sodium N N N N N N N N Y

M = May be compatible or borderline compatible
N = Not compatible
Y = Compatible
X = Not all polyurea greases are compatible

NB: The compatibility of greases should be checked before mixing.

Additives may give rise to incompatibility between greases that are normally compatible.

As a general rule the mixing of different grease types is NOT recommended.