Passenger Vehicles

Regular checks and top-ups of your engine oil and coolant levels can help to prevent engine irregularities and failures.

We recommend that you check and top-up your oil at least once a month, or before any long trip. Changes to engine oil should be undertaken at regular intervals as recommended by your vehicle manufacturer.

To maintain your engine’s performance, we offer an advanced range of oils and coolants.

Our Caltex Havoline range of oils, in particular, has been specifically designed for petrol engine passenger cars and motorcycles.

You may need to change your oil more often if:

  • you drive frequent short runs (less than 8 kms)
  • more than 50 percent of your driving is in heavy city traffic
  • you drive long distances at high-speeds in high temperatures (above 32°C)
  • you drive in dusty, sandy or salty conditions
  • do a long trip with a heavy load, including towing